Inhibition of mitochondrial metabolism by (−)-jerantinine A: synthesis and biological studies in triple-negative breast cancer cells

2023 | RSC Medicinal Chemistry

Gialelis, Timothy L., Wang, Zifei, Homer, Joshua A., Yang, Wen-Hsuan, Chung, Taemoon, Hu, Qingting, Smedley, Christopher J., Pawar, Nitin J., Upadhyay, Nitinkumar S., Tuveson, David A., Lyons, Scott K., Lukey, Michael J., Moses, John E.

Shapeshifting Antibiotics: Bullvalene Linked Vancomycin Dimers are Effective Against Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Positive Bacteria

21 Apr 2022 | American Chemical Society (ACS)
Ottonello, Alessandra, Wyllie, Jessica, Yahiaoui, Oussama, Murray, Ewan, Williams, Paul, Bolla, Jani, Robinson, Carol, Fallon, Thomas, Soares da Costa, Tatiana, Moses, John

Accelerated SuFEx Click Chemistry For Modular Synthesis

9 Nov 2021 | Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Smedley, Christopher, Homer, Joshua, Gialelis, Timothy, Barrow, Andrew, Koelln, Rebecca, Moses, John

SuFExable polymers with helical structures derived from thionyl tetrafluoride.

16 Aug 2021 | Nature Chemistry
Li, Suhua, Li, Gencheng, Gao, Bing, Pujari, Sidharam, Chen, Xiaoyan, Kim, Hyunseok, Zhou, Feng, Klivansky, Liana, Liu, Yi, Driss, Hafedh, Liang, Dong-Dong, Lu, Jianmei, Wu, Peng, Zuilhof, Han, Moses, John, Sharpless, K

Aminium cation-radical catalysed selective hydration of (E)-aryl enynes.

22 Jun 2021 | Chemical Communications
Giel, Marie-Claire, Barrow, Andrew, Smedley, Christopher, Lewis, William, Moses, John

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