John Moses

Professor, Cancer Center Member.

Ph.D. (DPhil), University of Oxford, 2004
click chemistry, cancer, chemical biology, organic synthesis, natural products, biomimetic synthesis

My group uses click chemistry to study biological systems at the molecular level. We develop and exploit powerful bond-forming click reactions that enable the rapid synthesis of small functional molecules, including cancer drugs and chemical probes. We apply these novel molecular tools in multidisciplinary discovery projects spanning the fields of biology and chemistry.

Rebecca Koelln

Research Technician

Joshua Homer

Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher

Dharmendra Vishwakarma

Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher

Shoujun Sun

Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher

Robert Johnson

Visiting Graduate Student

Qiyao Huang

Visiting Graduate Student

Qiangqiang Liu

Postdoctoral Fellow

Caryn Koza

Scientific Administrative Assistant

Caryn supports our laboratory in all matters that relate to administration, technology, funding applications, recruitment, and organization.